Hey there! I´m glad you´re here

Dreams that could range from starting a new business, launching a new product line, publishing a book, or starting a non-for-profit organization for causes dear to you!

Informally, I have been described as your “ginger sister”; I’m that person who is first
and forever sold out to your idea and dreams, I don’t care how many people have told
you “No or that’s impossible”; – Now that our paths have crossed believe me when I say
“your dreams are possible, and they will come alive!

Because I not only assure you that your aspirations are achievable even if no one has
ever achieved such feat around, I go on to own the vision and stick with you till we’ve
birthed that baby- your idea together, hence the “midwife” title.

I’m often asked why I get sold out to other persons visions and literally would “go to the
end of the earth” to make the birthing process successful – I say it’s what I have been
created to do! Or How else do you explain my unique personality of being an
enthusiastic catalyst, multipotentialite, optimistic goal getter, selfless and a plethora of
ideas? I couldn’t have been gifted all these just for my self…surely, Its for the service
of all humans.

In traditional business terms I’m that resourceful person you will describe as a Project
Manager, with expertise in Brand & Product Launch; I’m also a Social Media platform
content Creator and Manager, with a depth in Digital Advertising and expert insight in
Image consulting.

The beautiful thing about my work, is that I’m teamed up with the most amazing set of
terrific and talented humans; professionally they are titled as book publishers, website
designers, creative designers, brand curators, copywriters, digital marketers, Ideators,
Fashion Designers, Illustrator, Photographers, videographers and ‘tech-nerds’. And we
are “pumped’ and ready to birth your latest vision-baby!


We follow these four easy steps to get your started with us in no time.

At the initial consultation meeting, please come prepared to share your story, dreams, plans, challenges, concerns and how you think we can help. We will also take time to answer any questions, this document did not successfully address, and We will offer some possible help ideas.

Lastly, if you’re attracted to any of the ideas I shared.

Within 1-3 business days get a project estimate or request for more information.

Sign contract.

Get a full project proposal and estimate then meet with us to discuss.

  • Idea development
  • Plan execution strategy
  • Meet stakeholders 
  • Discuss project scope of work
  • Sign off project scope of work 
  • Receive Project Plan.