Who do OBMs work with?

An OBM specializes in working with business owners on the journey from 6 – 7+ figures and is the ‘liaison’ between the business owner and the rest of the team – similar to the role of an Operations Manager or COO in the traditional business world.

When you hire a Certified OBM you are hiring someone who:

What are the types of OBM?

There are no types or categories. As with any other profession, each OBM has their area of expertise or zone of genius which they prefer to operate. Some OBMs are Integrators; they take the vision from the business leader and ensure they keep the engine of the business running. Some others are Visionary; they can expand the vision of the business leader and communicate it efficiently to the operation or executing team. While some other OBMs are hybrids, visionary-Integrators. These groups are brilliant with strategy, road mapping and execution management. They can function as the vision sounding board to the CEO of the business; they can conveniently sail the company’s ship in the absence of the CEO. I fall into the last category. I can help you develop your idea or vision and manage its realization plan.