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Visuals are the most effective marketing tool when it comes to selling an idea, a product, or a service. The Visions midwife creates video content that not only sells your brand in a visual but also engages your audience on a personal level. The reel on the go launch video content package is perfect for anyone who is just starting out and not sure how to create content that will sell their business, product, or service. This package is created with love and care for our clients because we believe in them and want them to succeed all the way from start to finish.

Only $449.99

Minimum 4, Maximum 6 videos

Video Creation

Video Editing

Video Shooting at your location

On the go storyboard curation

Video directing

Video Scripting

Music Selection

Strategic Brand Music Choice

Text inclusion and effects were necessary

Instagram Reels Video Creation

Hashtag generation

Caption inclusive

On the go personal brand and styling consultation


  • Make Payment Complete Brand Questionnaire here
  • Book Virtual Consultation here
  • Prepare for Shoot Day (download “reel-shoot-ready” checklist)
  • Shoot day!!!
  • Receive your reels ready on the go! ( also uploaded and shared via google/we transfer/dropbox)


1 review for Reel on the Go Launch Video Content

  1. Tolu Amadi

    We started at 12pm, this took 5 hours and we came out with more than enough video content for my launch. This was impromptu but it really helped create awareness around my course and training and improved our IG brand account. I see the strategic shift in how Aceit Digital is being perceived. Thanks again for your strategic directing I see this package helping so many leaders implement their ideas in a creative way.

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